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Anshan Normal University 2023 International Chinese Language Teachers

Scholarship Application Guidance

学校简介 Brief Introduction






Anshan Normal University is a full-time undergraduate normal university which is located in Anshan city, the third largest city in Liaoning Province, which shares the awards of National Excellent Tourism City and National Civilized City. Anshan City is the third largest city in Liaoning Province, with the world's largest jade Buddha, famous hot springs in Asia, and a national scenic spot of Qianshan. It is the hometown of Chinese gems and the steel capital of China, and has been rated as an "excellent tourist city" and a national civilized city.

The university was founded in 1958 and covers an area of 750000 square meters. The library has a collection of 1151300 books. It has 1 faculty, 17 academic schools or departments and 1 affiliated middle school.There are currently 1171 faculty members, including 842 full-time teachers and a total of 24000 students of all types. The university currently has 11 fields of education master's enrollment, 40 full-time undergraduate enrollment majors, and 16 vocational college enrollment majors, covering 8 disciplines including education, humanities, science, art, management, engineering, law, and history.

The school attaches great importance to the development of international and open education, and has successively collaborated with 115 overseas universities and 26 educational and scientific research institutions in 27 countries and regions, including the University of the West of Scotland in the United Kingdom, the University of Daegu in South Korea, the Federal University of Australia, the Irkutsk National University in Russia, the University of Technology in Utah in the United States, the University of Information Technology and Management in Zeshov in Poland, the University of Zaragoza in Spain, and the University of Sitya in Malaysia in a long-term and stable inter school exchange and cooperation relationship. As the "Chinese government scholarship recipient institution for international students in China" and the "International Chinese Teacher Scholarship recipient institution", it has trained over 4000 long-term and short-term international students from 46 countries.

The university adheres to the motto of "combining elegance with knowledge and action", adheres to the educational philosophy of "putting education first, establishing the school with quality, and serving society", and adheres to the educational positioning of "teacher oriented, local, and applied". With moral education as the foundation and connotation development as the core, the university strives to build a local high-level applied university with distinct characteristics in teacher education.  

资助对象 Eligibility



Non Chinese nationals;


Be friendly to China, have no criminal record, and comply with the laws, regulations, and university rules and regulations of the Chinese government;


Physical and mental health, excellent in both character and education;


Aspiring to engage in Chinese education, teaching, and related work;

5.年龄为16-35 周岁(统一以2023年9月1日计)。在职中文教师放宽至45周岁。

The age is between 16 and 35 years old (uniformly calculated on September 1, 2023). 45 years old for in-service Chinese teachers.

奖学金类别及申请条件 Categories and Qualifications



Categories: Scholarship for One-Semester Study Program

奖学金申请条件:2024年3月入学,资助期限为5个月。不录取护照上有 X1、X2 签证者。国际中文教育、汉语言文学、中国历史、中国哲学等方向,汉语考试成绩达到 HSK(三级)180 分,具有HSKK成绩;中医、太极文化方向,具有HSK成绩,同时提供HSKK成绩者优先。

Qualifications: Enrolled in March 2024, with a funding period of 5 months. Applicants with X1 or X2 visas on their passports will not be admitted. International Chinese Language Education, Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History, Chinese Philosophy, and other fields, with a Chinese language exam score of 180 HSK (Level 3) and an HSKK score; Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tai Chi Culture, with HSK scores, and those who provide HSKK scores are preferred.

资助内容及标准 Funding Content and Criteria



The scholarship funding includes tuition fees, accommodation expenses, living expenses, and comprehensive medical insurance premiums.


The tuition fee for the International Chinese Teacher Scholarship is the responsibility of Anshan Normal University, and the tuition fee does not include textbook fees or tickets to tourist attractions in Chinese language practice.


Anshan Normal University will offer free accommodation for the students of International Chinese Teacher Scholarship inside the campus, normally it’s the double room.

3.国际中文教师奖学金生的生活费由必赢网址bwi437按月发放。一学期研修生标准为 2500 元人民币/月。

The living expenses of the International Chinese Teacher Scholarship are distributed monthly by Anshan Normal University. The standard for one semester of trainees is 2500 RMB/month.


Scholars will enroll and register at the time specified in the admission notice of the receiving institution, otherwise their scholarship eligibility will be canceled. Those who register at the school before the 15th (inclusive) of the current month will receive full living expenses for the month; Those who register after the 15th will receive half a month's living expenses in the same month.


Scholars who leave China for more than 15 days due to personal reasons during the semester (excluding winter and summer) will be suspended from paying their living expenses during their absence from China.


Scholars who suspend or drop out of school due to personal reasons, or are subject to disciplinary action by the receiving institution, shall be suspended from their living expenses starting from the date of suspension or withdrawal or receipt of disciplinary notice.


The living expenses of the completed students will be paid half a month after the completion date determined by the university.

4.国际中文教师奖学金的综合医疗保险费参照中国教育部来华留学有关规定执行,由必赢网址bwi437统一购买。一学期研修生为 400 元人民币/人。

The comprehensive medical insurance premium for the International Chinese Teacher Scholarship shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education of China on studying in China, and shall be uniformly purchased by Anshan Normal University. One semester of trainees costs 400 RMB per person.

申请材料 The Application Materials


Supporting materials related to all applicants:


Scanning copy of passport photo page.

(2)HSK、HSKK 成绩报告(有效期两年)扫描件

Scanning copy of HSK and HSKK score reports (valid for two years).


Recommendation letter from the head of the recommendation agency




Documents in the application materials that are not in Chinese or English must be accompanied by a notarized or certified Chinese/English translation from the issuing unit;

材料申请时仅需要上传电子文件(PDF 或JPG格式),开学报到时需提供原件备查。

Only the electronic files (PDF or JPG format) need to be uploaded when applying for materials, and the originals must be provided for reference when the journal is opened.

申请流程 Application Procedures


Online registration will be available on the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship website (http://www.chinese.cn).

1. 登录奖学金网站系统,在线提交申请材料;

Log in to the scholarship website and submit the application materials online;

2. 必赢网址bwi437审核申请材料,并对符合标准的申请人进行视频面试;

Anshan Normal University reviews the application materials and conducts video interviews for the applicants who meet the standards;

3. 中心委托专家组集中评审:根据 HSK、HSKK考分和级别,兼顾国别等因素择优资助,于入学前约3个月完成奖学金评审工作,公布评审结果。

CLEC will entrust an expert panel to review the applications. Decisions will be made based on HSK and HSKK scores and levels, and in consideration of country distribution as well as other factors. The results will be published about three months before school starts.

4. 申请者关注申请进程、审核意见与奖学金评审结果;

Applicants pay attention to the application process, review opinions and scholarship evaluation results;

5. 必赢网址bwi437对奖学金获得者发放录取通知书;

Anshan Normal University will issue admission notices to scholarship holders;

6. 奖学金获得者可按照录取通知书上的要求,在规定时间内前往必赢网址bwi437报到。

Scholarship holders can report to Anshan Normal University within the specified time according to the requirements of the admission notice.

截止日期(以北京时间为准) Application Deadlines (Beijing Time)


For programs commencing in March 2024, applicants must complete their applications by November 15, and Recommending Institutions and Host Institutions must complete the review by November 25.


Policies Regarding Currently Employed Chinese Language

Teachers and Chinese Bridge Award Recipients



1. Currently employed Chinese language teachers:

Currently employed Chinese language teachers applying for the scholarships can be exempted from submitting Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK) certificates if they can provide proof of employment and a letter of recommendation from the institution where they work.



2. Chinese Bridge Award Recipients:

Applicants who have won the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship Certificate in various Chinese Bridge competitions should submit their application documents along with their scholarship certificates to relevant host institutions on the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship website.

联系方式 Contact Information


School of International Education, Anshan Normal University  


Address: Pingan Street No. 43, Tiedong District, Anshan City, Liaoning Province, China


Post code: 114007


Tel: 0086-412-2960801


Fax: 0086-412-2961819


Contact person: Ms. Zhang, Ms. Guo


Email: anulxs@hotmail.com

网址: www.asnc.edu.cn


其他 Other Information


Applicants must understand the specific enrollment requirements and deadlines of the target host colleges, and submit application materials in accordance with relevant regulations.


Students who fail to pass the pre-enrollment medical examination, withdraw from school midway, or fail to report to school or suspend their studies without permission will be disqualified for scholarship.